A complete, bespoke CRM for rental teams

Optimize residential rental team processes and automation for peak performance.

Our features

With Cazamio, you have all your information at your fingertips. Owner’s, Agents, Buildings, Units, Listings, Applications, and Leases.

Keeping all your information in one system allows you to manage your business with efficiency. Got a deposit on a unit 1 AM? Why should your system not automatically notify the Property Manager? It would. 

Your team communicate with their clients on your system. 

They can chat with their lead, send documents, or chat with all applicants in a group setting. 

With the click of a button, your system will generate and email a PDF of the full application along with an application summary to the Property owner. 

Keep your team in the loop throughout the process. Your system will automatically notify your team of New applications, deposits,specials, approvals, etc. 

The statuses on your units and applications are completely automated. You know exactly, at any time, where every application is up to. When it commenced, last modified, the related documents and communications and more. 

When a potential tenant submits an application, your system automatically runs the credit and criminal checks. It presents your team with an organized dashboard with all the details necessary to move this application along to the Property Manager for approval.

Get a robust marketplace with your branding. 

Your clients will be able to search, set up tours, chat, apply, pay fees and sign their leases. All without leaving your marketplace.

Adopting this tech-driven approach not only enhances your rental team’s efficiency and modernizes client interactions but also plays a crucial role in generating leads and boosting sales. This innovative strategy positions your team at the forefront of the rental market, attracting new clients with its cutting-edge and user-friendly experience.

Your platform is mobile-friendly and will allow your team to search, see the access codes, communicate with their leads, and keep up with their applications and admins.

Why should you choose Cazamio?

Stand out of the crowd with powerful software having your back. Your marketplace will genuinely matter to your clients and your team and not feel like an outdated and not very useful environment.

We continuously improve our platform by using feedback from our users. So you can focus on the business knowing that your tech is always up to date.

Have 4 or 400 team members.? Scaling your business has never been easier. As a cloud-native software, your platform will take as much work and hustle as you can throw at it.